• Telemetry, Gas and fire, Emergency shutdown systems
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  • telemetría
  • sistema de supresión de fuego y detección de gas
  • paro por emergencia
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About Us


To be a leading company in technology market, instrumentation, control and telecommunication for industrial sector at the national level; that fulfills with international quality standards devoted to institutional ethics and integrity, and who is backed with operational and financial results.


To provide companies of industrial sector with personalized services of instrumentation, control and telecommunications, involving innovations and working for the quality of each one of our processes.



Supervisory control and data acquisition solutions

NEOMOTIC is a Mexican company specialized in instrumentation, control and telecommunications services for the industrial sector. We offer innovative solutions and integrated strategies especially for each of our clients.


Monitoring and control systems

The SCADA systems are fundamental for industrial organizations, since it helps to maintain the efficiency, process data for intelligent decisions and communicate the events of the process helping to reduce the response time and maintain the production.

The data gathered by use of monitoring and control systems allows making operational decisions about involved equipment and enables to schedule preventive and corrective maintenance.

We involve ourselves in such measurements of variables as:

  • • Temperature
  • • Differential pressure
  • • Static pressure
  • • RPM
  • • Presence of fire
  • • Presence of gas
  • • Voltage
  • • Electric power
  • • Resistance
  • • Gas quality
  • • Operating hours
  • • Variable-speed drive
  • • Electrical phase
  • • And others
Control and monitoring systems
gas y fuego

Fire suppression and gas detection systems

Security systems for areas with gas presence and risk of explosivity. Detection of fire and gas and automatically intervenes in case of fire or presence of toxic gas and / or methane. The sensors are permanently centered on the perimeter of the equipment, which allows permanent monitoring of the work atmosphere.


Emergency shutdown systems

The emergency stop system is essential to inform and act on any event outside the process, isolating the facilities to maintain the integrity of the same.

For the systems of emergency shutdown we use instrumentation with latest technology and logic controllers of high performance and high degree of processing.

paro de emergencia


The telemetry inside a project allows obtaining and controlling the data of a process remotely.

It Optimize budgets to be a remote monitoring system which allows response in real time. Reduces labor costs by being a remote and automatic monitoring system. We develop Human interfaces - Machine tailored to the client.



Through our closed circuit facilities with scalable and customizable cameras, we monitor the installations of each project in real time. With HD cameras our customers can access video 24/7. We are present in layer one of the stages that our client requires:

  • • Management
  • • Installation
  • • Configuration
  • • Remote or onsite support

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